Olive Tree House

Nursing & Dementia Specialist Care Centre

Olive Tree house provides nursing and dementia care for the elderly in Charlton Hayes, Bristol, less than a mile away from Cribs Causeway.

Olive Tree House is a state of the art building with all the space and innovative design that you would expect from a nursing and dementia specialist care centre. Olive

Tree House has been designed to ensure the lives of the people who live there are as fulfilled as possible.

At Olive Tree House you will find dementia friendly roof gardens, sensory room, IT suite and library, gym and a 1960’s themed hair salon.

You will also find our innovative Memory Lane featuring “The Concorde” pub, “McCarthy’s” Village store and “Revolver Records”.

Memory Lane

At Olive Tree House there is a 1960’s themed local pub and record shop, as well as a traditional village store with many period items from this era which is just like stepping back in time.