Privacy Policy

Like many other websites, we use a number of technologies to ensure that we provide the best experience for our website visitors. Some of these technologies store information about your visits to our website. We detail these technologies below and our policy for handling your privacy.

  • Logs – We record information about every page requested from this website. This includes details of the page you have requested, your IP address and information about your browser. This information is retained for no longer than 28 days, unless we are required to do so for legal reasons. Data stored in our logs may be analysed to established gross trends in website use and to identify errors in our software. We will never share this information with third parties, unless legally required to do so.
  • Google Analytics – We use a service, provided by Google, which provides us with aggregate information about website use and effectiveness of any advertising campaigns that we may carry out. Google Analytics stores details of pages you have requested, your IP address, how you arrived at our website and information about your browser. We will never share individually identifiable information with anyone other than Google Analytics. If you would like to find out more about Google Analytics, including how to disable it, please visit Google Analytics Overview.