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Memory Lane – 1950s Reminiscence Village

Memory Lane – 1950s Reminiscence Village

Memory Lane is located in the grounds of Blossom Fields and The Grove.

With its traditional local pub, quaint post office and greengrocers, Oxo adverts on the walls and ration books on the tables, a stroll along this street is like stepping back to the 1950s.

The shops and pub are full of original 1950s memorabilia and are designed to look like the real thing.

The purpose of Memory Lane is to provide an attractive and interesting destination for the people we care for as well as reminiscence therapy – to improve psychological well-being in dementia sufferers.

What People Are Saying About Memory Lane

“Grove Care, a nursing home in Winterbourne, has built a model of a fifties village to help residents remember their past.” – SKY News

“…to me there is no doubt that this little street will improve the life of the home’s residents” – Daily Express

“A Welcome Trip Down Memory Lane” – The Telegraph

“In Praise of Blossom Fields for their brilliant idea of a 1950’s village to help people with dementia” – The Bristol Post

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